The 2018 Fellowship was shared by two outstanding members of the Class of 2018:  Dasia Moore and Olivia Paschal. Dasia and Olivia, along with Michelle Peng, founded GoSouth, a nonprofit organization focused on supporting nonprofits in the South and providing pathways for top Northeastern college graduates to begin careers in these nonprofits.  Go South was founded in response to two challenges: 

  1. The systemic lack of funding and human capital available to many of the South’s most dedicated public service organizations
  2. The large number of students at Northeastern colleges who do not consider the South when choosing where to live and work.

By providing Ivy League students with an exciting, financially viable, and clear way to pursue work in the South, they aim to simultaneously support nonprofits in their vital work and expand Yale students’ perspectives and life options in the South.

Dasia and Olivia launched Go South as a full-established nonprofit and developing relationships with local organizations to host summer interns.  With the support of the Fellowship, Go South placed their own fellows at four organizations in Savannah, GA in its inaugural year: Step Up Savannah, an anti-poverty nonprofit; Lutheran Services of Georgia, for refugee resettlement; the Georgia Historical Society; and the Chatham-Savannah Authority on Homelessness. Through Yale summer fellowship funding and generous in-kind donations from the Savannah community (including homestays and cultural outings), Go South was able to run approximately $40,000 worth of programming at no cost to partner nonprofits, and at little cost to the new organization. The City of Savannah recognized Go South’s impact by declaring July 19, 2018 Go South Day.  

Dasia Moore ‘18

Olivia Paschal ‘18

This fall, Go South is launching a new initiative to help Southern nonprofits communicate with Yale’s Office of Career Strategy to post jobs. Dasia, Olivia, and Michelle are also expanding Go South’s presence in Savannah in 2019, identifying new host cities and partner universities for 2020, and conducting fundraising campaigns. Dasia will also be joining the YANA Board of Directors beginning 2019. They are grateful to YANA and Dwight Hall for their continued leadership! Please visit or email to learn more. You can also read a recap of their fellowship experience.