The Yale Alumni Association Assembly and Yale Alumni Fund Convocation is a time of reflection and also celebration, an opportunity to honor the people – and the organizations – that make a deep and lasting impact on the Yale alumni community.

This year’s Assembly and Convocation wrapped up on November 22 by honoring the best of the past year with the YAA Board of Governors Excellence Awards.

The companion piece to the YAA Leadership Awards, which honor individual achievement, the YAA Board of Governors Excellence Awards honor alumni organizations for excellence in their events, programs, and best practices for Yale and on behalf of Yale. These awards recognize groups such as Yale College classes, regional clubs, interest groups, and Graduate and professional school associations.

Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance (YANA): Marketing Program featuring an Annual Report and Global Newsletter

In 2019, YANA introduced a new marketing program featuring both an annual report and a quarterly global newsletter to tell its remarkable story, an eight-year year journey of working together, giving back, and changing lives.

YANA’s mission is to unify and leverage Yale’s ever-growing social purpose community for the greater good. Both the annual report and global newsletter were designed to keep alumni informed about the many opportunities to serve and to give back in meaningful ways. Both marketing pieces help YANA put into practice the three core principles that advance its mission: convening, connecting, and collaborating.

The result was more than 5,000 participants, a number that continues to grow annually as YANA finds new ways to reach new and diverse audiences. To that end, the annual report and global newsletter have become valuable outreach tools helping YANA connect and expand, with the number of followers and sign-ups increasing by 15% to 20% annually.

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