YANA started in NYC as a small, like-minded community in 2011. By 2020, we had grown into a global network of 8,000+ members.

66% of Yale Alumni are involved in the social impact sector. We believe it can be 100%

We want to see every single Yale alum involved in the social impact sector, supporting and inspiring others for good.

It’s more than a mission—it’s a movement.

YANA includes alumni from the College and all Graduate and Professional Schools, making us the most inclusive Yale Alumni Group

YANA spans generations, helping Yalies share expertise and interest and ensure the future of social impact

YANA Contributors by Class Year

Financial support from 3% of YANA's total network allows us to provide free programming to the public

Events & Programs

YANA offers a wide variety of programs including webinars, town halls, Chapter meetings, live spotlights of impactful organizations, and much more.


YANA empowers a global community of Yale alumni, students, and friends who are committed to generating positive social impact.

YANA fulfills its mission by:

Connecting members of the Yale community with one another and with resources and other people to support their social impact careers and ventures

Convening diverse and inclusive Yale audiences through online and in-person platforms to educate individuals and transfer capacity to their organizations

Collaborating with social entrepreneurs, thought leaders, philanthropies, and Yale’s schools and offices to identify needs, generate opportunities and drive innovation


All Yale alumni and students will turn to YANA as their trusted partner in creating mission-driven roles and opportunities for them to expand social good.


We Believe In

  • Leveraging the power of mission-driven people in the wider Yale community to improve lives;
  • Building community by facilitating mentoring and connecting students and alumni to broaden their networks and skills;
  • Promoting lifelong learning opportunities by organizing and promoting programs and activities with educational or cultural content that draw on alumni knowledge, the intellectual resources of Yale, and the expertise of others;
  • Creating opportunities for Yale students to explore and engage in meaningful career paths in the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors;
  • Equipping and amplifying the work of start-up and under-resourced nonprofits;
  • Filling niches where needed, and complementing rather than duplicating efforts in the social impact space;
  • Including a diversity of voices and experiences in our programming and in our leadership; we ratify the definitions of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion set forth on p. 9 of Leadership in the Face of Change: A Report from the Yale Alumni Task Force on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (2017) (the “Task Force Report”) and adopt the Goals set forth on p. 14 of the Task Force Report as they would apply to YANA;
  • The Values of the Yale Alumni Association.