Inaugural Purpose-Driven Careers Workshop

Date: Sunday, April 15th, 2018

Location: Silliman College, Yale University, New Haven, CT

Members of YANA – Rachel Littman ’91, Richard Reiss ’81, Steve Carlson ’73 – met with members of the senior society Quorum on Sunday at Silliman College for bagels and a discussion on how to maintain, or pursue, purpose and focus on social impact while launching a career, often in the private sector.  Students shared their goals, aspirations and questions about life after graduation.  YANA members shared their own career path stories and offered advice.  Both groups came away with a desire to continue the conversation and make this kind of careers workshop an annual (or even more frequent!) event.  Keep your eyes out for the amazing members of the Class of 2018 as they join the Yale alumni community in a few months!

* * *

The Society of Quorum (“Quorum” or the “Society”) is centrally founded on the concept of personal growth and integrity, as reflected in their motto: Veritas omnia Vincit (VoV, “Truth Conquers All”).  The origination of the motto is twofold.  Veritas pays homage to the motto of Yale University (Lux et Veritas) and reflects the fact that it is through the University that the Society can exist.  The second half of the motto reflects the goals of the Society—to bring together passionate, mission-driven individuals who intend to live a life that will contribute positively and meaningfully to the betterment of humanity.  The Society values different identities and believes that great strength arises out of sustained exposure to diversity. Quorum is tolerant, inclusive, and respectful of all, and strives through a careful selection process to foster this spirit year-on-year.

Please contact if you are interested in joining us and help YANA fulfill its mission of creating community, and connecting alumni expertise with each other and with students to help them build meaningful career paths in the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors.