Wednesday, December 7, 2016
at BNY Mellon, 200 Park Avenue

Roundtable Members had the opportunity to learn best practices, discuss experiences and ask questions about preparing foundation grant requests from these professionals in the field.

Michael A. Janko, Director of the Endowment and Foundation Group at BNY Mellon shared insights into myriad investment requirements and constraints facing non-profit organizations.  Click for Michael’s Presentation

Kate Debold, Associate Director, Philanthropy, Global Citizenship & Sustainability at BNY Mellon led the discussion, providing us with her expertise and advice on philanthropy and foundations from the viewpoint of a grant-maker. Vivien Hoexter, a frequent Roundtable Facilitator,  brought her perspective as a former Executive Director and advisor to organizations seeking grants. Click for Kate’s Presentation

Our Members attending observed:

  • This Roundtable gave me a better understanding of the total system of grant making, including the various considerations for foundation grants/donations and insights into how corporate foundations fund
  • As always, relationships matter–messages need effective messengers who can build relationships, trust and confidence.
  • We gained an inside view on how Foundations make their decisions in regard to grant recipients.
  • Be prepared for checklists and spreadsheets.
  • Being a complete neophyte in the world of non-profit funding, I’ve found this Roundtable and the June ‘Lean Start-Up’ Roundtable very helpful. For me it’s a matter of getting the overall lay of the land from experts who know it well and can describe it in simple terms.

We thank Daniel C. Shaughnessy, Senior Wealth Director, BNY Mellon Wealth Management for again hosting us at the location near Grand Central Station.