On Thursday, February 15 YANA-New England Hartford group toured the CREC Welcome Center for Hurricane Refugees. It is an amazing place!

We had a wonderful tour and conversation session with CREC’s director of Community Education, Maryanne Pascone. We saw the gathering spaces and offices where community, state, and federal agencies are set up to assist individuals and families. These agencies connect people with housing, healthcare, jobs and other community resources. The most impressive rooms were the food pantry and clothing boutique pictured above. The generosity of many individuals, organizations and businesses has meant that everyone who comes in the door is able to leave with the basic necessities. The center is a remarkable example of what a difference collaboration can make in providing help to those in need. It is an inspiration example for all of us!

To learn more, see http://www.crec.org/foundation/reliefcenter.php.