Chorus AI: Revolutionizing Nonprofit Communications Through Technology

For nonprofits, resources are often stretched thin and every minute counts to make an impact on important issues or to deliver critical services to stakeholders. That’s why Sam Landenwitsch ‘06, co-founded Chorus AI, a company dedicated to transforming the landscape of nonprofit digital media and communications with state-of-the-art technology.

Whether large and international or small and local, nonprofit communications managers face the daunting task of juggling multiple systems and roles simultaneously, a challenge that can reduce efficiency and limit impact. Chorus AI addresses this problem by integrating all essential tasks – from news curation to content creation – into a single, intuitive platform. This seamless integration means that tasks that once took half a day can now be accomplished in thirty minutes, allowing teams to focus on higher-leverage activities that drive their missions forward.

Here are two examples. A Boston-based environmental nonprofit focused its Digital team and Communications team on the UN’s Bonn Climate Change Conference in early June 2024. Their goal was to ingest all the news coming from Bonn, produce content throughout the day, and drive attention to their campaign work.

Chorus AI technology supercharged their ability. It identified media coverage other services missed and provided a real-time stream of news about Bonn. Its content production engine churned out press releases, advisories, email, and social media posts with one click and ensured that the nonprofit had visibility and impact.


Counterspark is a nonprofit working to pass policies at the state and federal level that will accelerate the transition of power to 100% clean power and electrified transportation. It’s a challenging task! Issues range from siting to transmission to electric vehicle infrastructure, and many of these are handled at the state level.

Counterspark uses Chorus AI’s news monitoring to find relevant stories in the thicket of local and state media. Paired with Chorus AI’s content generation, Counterspark crafts timely social media content to keep its online presence relevant and active. Using Chorus AI, Counterspark is achieving the impact of a large media team at a fraction of the cost.

The core of Chorus AI’s offering is its curated daily news feed, which equips teams with the most relevant stories. Chorus AI uses AI search to monitor 130,000+ media outlets across 25 countries to provide curated media tracking that picks up stories other services miss. It also offers social media tracking with performance scoring so users can identify which narratives are gaining traction for their social listening programs

Keeping track of major stories is only half the task. 

For most nonprofits, the news is just a vector for educating stakeholders, mobilizing constituents, or driving earned media. Content is key, and Chorus AI produces content that authentically reflects each organization’s unique voice and style, ensuring that their messages resonate deeply with their audience. Moreover, it reduces content production time by two-thirds — a game-changer for resource-strapped nonprofits. This efficiency enables organizations to reallocate time and resources to amplify their impact.

AI technology means that even the smallest nonprofit can communicate with a substantial voice in their community. Accessibility is a cornerstone of Chorus AI’s philosophy; it provides the capabilities of a large team to any organization, regardless of budget, making top-tier tools for news monitoring and content creation accessible to all. 

YANA members can try Chorus AI for free. If you’re interested in learning more about Chorus AI or starting a 2-week free trial, head to or email Sam at to discuss your needs