Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Hosted by COFFEED at The New Leaf Restaurant

A healthy culture is fundamental to an organization’s success. The culture of an organization is about people and the group agreements that drive their daily behaviors.

Joyce Schroeder, who has a wealth of experience in organizational culture, led this interactive workshop. She shared user-friendly tools that she developed to help us assess the culture of our organizations.

Whether you subscribe to the view of “programs first” or “culture first,” a regular check-in on your organizational culture, which is the mindset of the group, will help your organization become and/or maintain its status as a high-perfoming enterprise or team.  Click for Joyce’s Presentation

As Roundtable member, Dan Leiber said: “The Roundtable was helpful in highlighting ways to problem-solve, especially in establishing organizational culture.”

The members also observed:

  • If you don’t manage the culture, the culture starts managing you.
  • The only thing of lasting value that managers create is culture.
  • Taking a moment to give thought to the culture of an organization, aspirational and actual, helps to identify any disconnects and inform future action.

About our facilitator:
For over 17 years, Joyce Schroeder, M.S. has helped industrial organizations transform their workplace cultures to achieve the safe and effective working relationships needed for high performance.