Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: Reflections & Learnings from the Northwest Response to COVID-19

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About YANA Pacific Northwest
The Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance (YANA) is an official Yale Alumni Shared Interest Group and also a separate nonprofit organization based in New York City. YANA’s mission is to empower a global community of Yale alumni, students, and friends who are committed to generating positive social impact. Learn more at
The YANA Pacific Northwest Chapter includes the Greater Pacific Northwest regions of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Vancouver, BC. If you are involved or interested in the social impact sector through nonprofits, NGOs, government entities, or social entrepreneurship in the Pacific Northwest, please join us by registering here so we can follow up with you! YANA membership—and all of our events—are open to both alumni and friends.
Contact Chair Sarah Samson ’97 for more info or to get involved!