The YANA Roundtable on Program Effectiveness took place on June 19, 2014 in Midtown Manhattan.

Vivien Hoexter ( facilitated the meeting.

The questions below served as the basis for breakout discussions:


For All Organizations

  1. How does one align tracking with the organization’s mission?
  2. How does one get beyond measuring process to measuring impact?
  3. How does one go about collecting and tracking data? How does one choose a system for doing so?
  4. How does one evaluate the data, once collected?
  5. How important is it to form partnerships with universities to assist in program evaluation and research?


For Smaller Organizations

  1. What should a smaller organization (with less than $5 million in annual budget) do to start or improve its program evaluation when it cannot devote a lot of time or energy to it?


Sudip Mukherjee provided a case study related to Queens Community House (
Michael Davidson ( gave examples of programs evaluations that work as well as cautions.

Melinda Hunt ( presented how responsive and effective communications helped the Hart Island Project.

Our host, Andrew Chapman, SOM ’81, arranged our conference room at the New York Headquarters of his firm, the Macquarie Group.

Our scribe and social media expert, Yang Li, recorded and tweeted the proceedings.
To download a Summary of the Roundtable, click the link.