August’s New York Monthly Meeting’s Spotlight featured Denise Byrd ’88, the Creative Director of CarrotNewYork, a for-profit media and communications firm that helps corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies reach millions through creative, imaginative media initiatives. Their core competency areas of focus include financial literacy, health & nutrition, and sustainability.

Denise Byrd and Michael LeForte, the Chief Marketing Officer, spoke about their work with brands looking to be purposeful in their business practices. The group enjoyed a spirited discussed on how NGOs and non-profits can partner with brands to accelerate their missions/causes in this golden age of businesses “doing well by doing good.”


About CarrotNewYork
Founded in 1980, CarrotNewYork is a trusted partner in the development of holistic social impact programs and the campaigns tasked with creating measurable behavior change in areas including sustainability, health & nutrition, financial literacy, and youth issues.

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