March’s New York Monthly Meeting’s Spotlight featured Brooke Rosenzweig ’10 PhD, President of Foundation Advisors. Brooke is a former research scientist who leverages her technical literacy to help philanthropies optimize their goals in medicine and science.


Here is a message from Brooke:

The mission of Foundation Advisors is to help philanthropies that fund science and medicine to maximize the impact of their giving. I created this company to address a need I first noticed while I was managing a medical research institute. It was in working with the institute’s major donors that I sensed a gap between what they sought to achieve, and the information being effectively communicated with them.

I was determined from then on to help funders of science. From there, I became a full-time officer and advisor for a foundation based in New York City (notably, YANA provided an expert network and supporting resources during this transition). Since 2017, I have overseen “Foundation Advisors.” We serve multiple privately-endowed foundations and family offices that donate in science and health.

Over the course of my time in this space, I’ve advised on several dozen grants and gifts, and the distribution of well over $100 million. I’ve guided support in many promising projects, including:

  • Discovery of potential therapeutics to treat liver and pancreatic cancers
  • Enabling first-in-class software engineers to improve diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer
  • Developing ground-breaking therapies to treat blindness

Technical understanding and foresight, firsthand experience in science and funding, and working with grantmakers through their most complex challenges sets Foundation Advisors apart in its consulting. Clients often share how much they value the honest, objective, and creative & innovative approaches we provide. While the company works almost exclusively for private funders, it is often times the prospective grantees we work with that provide equally positive feedback.

I am enthused that we are in a time when, more than ever, donors understand the importance of scientific and medical research endeavors. It has been, and will continue to be, a privilege to support philanthropists to make a meaningful and lasting impact in these critical areas.