Grace Initiative GlobalThe Initiative for Governance, Reconciliation, Agriculture, & Coexistence

Founded by Yale Divinity School alumna, Yvonne Lodico, Grace Initiative Global strives toward innovative peace-building and conflict prevention through strategies involving trust building, transformation, and empowerment.

Grace Initiative’s transformation efforts including trauma healing and capacity building to transcend from conflict and lead to empowerment, sustainability, and resilience. While the organization is not faith-based, it incorporates theological foundations for projects aimed toward reconciliation and transitional justice. 

One area of focus is women who have suffered in conflict, especially gender-based violence, either as combatants or victims of violence and conflict, including violent religious extremism. Countries focused on outside of the United States are Colombia and Iraq. 

Another focus is holistic sustainability as an approach to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Development and Building Resilient Communities.
Grace Initiative has also joined 62 other NGOs and endorsed the US legislation, Addressing Global Fragility. When possible, Grace Initiative integrates Vermont expertise, especially for sustainable development.

Grace Initiative Global & YANA Vermont Hosted United Nations Chair of G77 and China

On June 8, Grace Initiative and the Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance (YANA) VT organized a collaborative discussion with the Chair of the G77 and China, and Ambassador to the UN for Palestine. The purpose was to discern strategies for a larger retreat in August for G77 countries on sustainable, organic and regenerative agriculture, and resilient communities.

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