January’s New York Monthly Meeting’s Spotlight featured Sarah Charlop-Powers ’09 F&ES, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Natural Areas Conservancy (NAC), a nonprofit organization devoted to restoring and conserving New York City’s 20,000 acres of woodlands and coastal areas.The NAC works in more than 50 parks across the five boroughs and takes a science-based approach to conserving the city’s nature, improving coastal resilience, and ensuring healthy forests.Driving the NAC’s work is the recognition that natural areas are increasingly vital to sustaining air quality, improving public health, providing New Yorkers with access to nature, and strengthening our communities.

Here is a message from Co-Founder & Executive Director, Sarah Charlop-Powers:

We’d love to connect with YANA members in the following ways:

  • We’re currently recruiting board members who are interested in the environment and looking for opportunities to help connect New Yorkers to nature. For more information, please contact Hunter Armstrong
  • We’re hiring and would love help spreading the word. We are currently looking for a deputy director, communications manager and a GIS analyst. Information about current positions is available here.
  • We’d love to invite YANA members to join us at one of our tours or volunteer events. A full list of upcoming opportunities can be found here.

Here are links to some recent articles about our work: