April’s New York Monthly Meeting’s Spotlight featured Gabe Rissman ’17, former undergraduate leader of the Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investment Fund, and co-founder of Real Impact Tracker, which aims to bring impact investing to everyone with greater transparency by scoring the social and environmental impact of investments and building a system to certify those institutions most committed to impact.    

Real Impact Tracker helps everyone become an impact investor. They’ve created a web platform for anyone with a retirement account to use their shareholder voice to pressure the companies and funds they own to improve their social and environmental impact. They are at an exciting time as they will begin beta testing in late May!

Here is a message from Co-Founder Gabe Rissman:

Thank you YANA for the opportunity to talk about Real Impact Tracker at April’s meeting, and for the great discussion that followed.

Real Impact Tracker is partnering with NGOs who want to add shareholder support to their campaigns asking companies to improve their social impact. We’re partnering financial advisors who want to help their clients create impact. We’d love to be in touch if you know any NGOs or financial advisors that might like to join our impact ecosystem, or if you want to create impact with your own investments and would like to join our Beta test.

We’re excited to hear from you and partner with the YANA community! Send Gabe Rissman an email


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