Spotlight: Second Innings

Second Innings provides free-of -cost opportunity for underemployed and unemployed people in the workforce to learn new skills and find better job opportunities. 

Second-Innings is a nonprofit organization led by Love Bajpai (SOM ’17). The organization aims to provide free and practical technical skills to help the unemployment and underemployment workforce to find better job opportunities. 

The technical skills and tools used at workplaces have evolved rapidly in the last 10 years. A large portion of people who entered the workforce 10 years ago have not been able to keep up with these changes due to multiple reasons including:

  • College courses are expensive and not everyone can afford them. 
  • College courses are not necessarily designed for experienced and working professionals. 
  • Teaching methods have changed, and content has moved online. While a plethora of online courses exist, finding the right starting point and the right learning path can be really challenging. 

We help people overcome these learning barriers by providing cost-free, instructor-led courses in a safe and welcoming environment of likeminded mid-career professionals. 

Besides providing the training, we partner with other organizations to provide other services like Resume reviews, Mock interviews, Career counseling, etc. Using collaboration tools, we create a community that learns together and continues to stay connected after the courses. 

We offer courses in the fields of data analytics and cybersecurity, which are the most in-demand skillsets in the market. The courses offered are: 

  1. Data Analytics 101 
  2. Cyber Security 101 
  3. Python 
  4. SQL 
  5. Power BI 
  6. Data Analytics 101 
  7. Machine Learning 
  8. Data processing in Cloud

Each course is delivered over a period of 6 weeks and is taught by industry experts who bring in the practical aspects of applying the skills at the job. Every course emphasizes handson exercises and a capstone project to build confidence in the students.  

To ensure grassroots outreach, we partner with local town libraries to offer the classes. At this point, we are in partnership with 8 libraries in the CT state. Since the pandemic, the classes have moved online but we look forward to going back to in-person courses when things return back to normal. So far, we have had about 1000 students take at least one of our classes.   

Spring sessions are starting April 12. Details Here


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