YANA Chicago Virtual Discussion Forum with Duriel E. Harris

Editing, Publishing & The U.S. Black Literary Ecosystem

October 5, 2021


Thank you for registering for our recent virtual discussion, “Editing, Publishing &
The U.S. Black Literary Ecosystem.” For those who were able to participate live,
we hope you enjoyed hearing from Duriel E. Harris, Yale ’91, performance artist,
scholar, and Professor of Poetry and Poetics at Illinois State University and Editor
of Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora, moderated by Stephanie
Rath Yale ‘96, Chair of YANA Chicago.
Duriel shared examples of her work, shared insight into her creative approach,
and explained how her experiences as an artist have informed her work as the
Editor in Chief of Obsidian, the award-winning publishing platform. Duriel
discussed why she champions work that pushes traditional genre boundaries.
She said, “A lot of artists are multidisciplinary. Their creativity doesn’t know those
boundaries. The boundaries should be there to serve us, not to limit us. Not to
keep us from experiencing our liberation and the fullness of our joy.”
We are pleased to provide you with a video and an audio recording of the session, as well as some additional resources in case you were unable to attend or would like to share.

Stephanie Rath ’96
YANA Chicago Chair
Duriel E. Harris PhD (YC ’91)
Professor of Poetry & Poetics, Illinois State University