Wednesday, October 3, 2018 1:00-2:00 PM ET

Fundraising 101: Understanding the Landscape, the Layout, and the Leadership — Jerry Henry, Alexander Haas (Vice Chair, AYA Board of Governors)

This fast-paced webinar provided a clear knowledge of the building blocks for succeeding in raising philanthropic dollars for nonprofit organizations. Topics included:

  • Understanding the Basics of Giving
  • Outlining the 3 Keys to Success (hint: your Board is VERY important!)
  • Surveying the Sources of Philanthropic Giving and Strategies for Addressing each
  • Reflecting on Current Trends and the future of fundraising
  • Answers to Questions!

On October 3, over 130 joined the YANA Webinar Fundraising 101 with Jerry Henry ’80 MDiv to get an overview of the current landscape in fundraising. Jerry addressed who gives to what and why as well as how to position your organization to be successful in fundraising. His emphasis on the importance of the Board and other leaders in the role of fundraising and support for the organization generated many questions on how to engage them.

You can access the recording of the webinar here. Check the YANA Webinar page for details on other sessions.



Jerry W. Henry, current Vice President of the AYA Board of Governors,  will share the foundational information you must have in dealing with the ever-changing and competitive fundraising environment for today’s nonprofit organizations.  Drawing on nearly forty years of experience in the nonprofit sector – from his roles in grassroots development to national executive leadership as well as two decades as a national consultant – he will offer practical information to strengthen your organization’s ability to raise philanthropic dollars.

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