Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020

Nonprofit Impact Matters: How America’s Charitable Nonprofits Strengthen Communities and Improve Lives — Tim Delaney ’79, President & CEO, National Council of Nonprofits

Since 1776, Americans have declared our independence in various ways, whether crooning in New York that “I did it my way” or bragging out West about our “rugged individualism.” Even in the nonprofit sector, where we bring people together for the common good, the incentive structures – donations, media coverage, attracting employees and volunteers – reward being different, reinforcing fragmentation and diminishing our collective power. But what if the 12.3 million nonprofit employees across the country, more than 64 million nonprofit board members and volunteers, and tens of millions of donors supporting the work of nonprofits saw what they share in common and how their interests are aligned? Let’s explore and find out…

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