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Summer Fellowship

YANA and Dwight Hall at Yale – Center for Public Service and Social Justice (“Dwight Hall”) collaborate for the YANA-Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship. Started in 2017 before there was a Yale-sponsored Domestic Summer Award, the YANA-Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship was designed to reduce the barriers for financially constrained Yale students interested in pursuing careers in the common good.

Each summer YANA provides financial stipends of $4,000 and other support to under-resourced Yale undergraduate or recently graduated students pursuing social impact work. Dwight Hall manages the application process and works closely with the Fellows throughout the summer.

Why this Fellowship?

Summer internships can be crucial in launching an undergraduate on the social impact career path. Often, summer internships in these fields are unpaid, limited to expensive or remote locations, or lack the mentorship infrastructure needed to make a student’s passion a viable career track.

Many Yale students are unable to participate in such unfunded, public sector or social impact summer internships due to lack of funding and other financial burdens, like the requirement to contribute to their financial aid package during the summer. Even with existing support offered through the University, Yale Clubs, alumni, and others, funding constraints continue. Dozens of Yale undergraduate students turn down worthy internships or projects each year for lack of adequate funding.

How You Can Help

YANA does intensive fundraising for this fellowship at the beginning of the year. We also accept restricted contributions year-round for this scholarship. If you’re interested in sponsoring a student, contact Rachel.

Celebrating Service: Five Years of the YANA-Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship

Join Yale Alumni Service Initiatives, Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance (YANA), and Dwight Hall at Yale in celebrating five years of successful partnership expanding opportunities for Yale students to create social change. This panel honored the work that recent YANA-Dwight Hall Summer Fellows have accomplished and explored the impact that YANA-Dwight Hall Summer Fellows feel that the program has had on their academic and career trajectory. It was moderated by Dwight Hall’s Director of Programming and Evaluation Mark Fopeano.