Yale Community Connect

Yale Community Connect is an exciting initiative to connect Yale alumni and friends with ongoing opportunities to volunteer and make a difference in community organizations throughout your area.

YANA partnered with yale.NYC and Yale Day of Service to launch Yale Community Connect in order to build ongoing relationships based on volunteering between Yale alumni (and friends) and community-based organizations (including public schools). Our philosophy is that to volunteer on an ongoing basis is a privilege, because volunteers are guaranteed to grow in amazing ways and to feel good about helping communities grow as well.
Check out the Yale Day of Service page for more opportunities.

YC Connect: Powell’s Cove Park Cleanup with CPN

POWELL'S COVE CLEANUP with the COASTAL PRESERVATION NETWORK (CPN) Jan. 18, 2021 | Queens, New York Coastal Preservation Network organized almost 100 volunteers to spend a couple of hours cleaning up Powell's Cove Park as part of MLK Day of Service on Monday. The majority of the volunteers were local school children. We removed dozens of bags of trash from…
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YC Connect: Community Garden Project with TMC

W 134TH STREET COMMUNITY GARDEN PROJECT with THE MISSION CONTINUES (TMC) Jan. 16-17, 2021 | West Harlem, NY The Mission Continues, which focuses on volunteer projects led by veterans, has been working with West Harlem community leaders on a variety of neighborhood improvement projects over the last two years. This weekend, as part of TMC's annual MLK Day of Service,…
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YC Connect: Randall’s Island Cleanup

RANDALL'S ISLAND CLEANUP with RANDALL'S ISLAND PARK ALLIANCE (RIPA) Nov. 7, 2020 | New York City On Saturday, November 7, 2020, Yale Community Connect volunteers Sam Rubin, his father Allan Rubin, Shravan Bhat, and Beth Goldberg spent a couple of hours cleaning up a stretch of Randall’s Island with Randall’s Island Park Alliance (RIPA) staff and other volunteers. They removed…
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