Yale Theater Night with Post-Show Talk Back & Reception


Our country is riven by lines that separate us into groups of identity, affinity, and ideology. And to some extent, perhaps more than we’d like to admit, it’s our ability to fit neatly into boxes that determines who loves us, and exactly how lovable we are.How does a little black boy born in Jackson, Mississippi make a home outside the lines?

Written and performed by Giovanni Adams, with musical accompaniment by Arturo Lopez, LOVE IS A DIRTY WORD is about a young man finding redemption where he is deemed too dirty to love. This autobiographical piece is rooted in Mr. Adams’ experience as a black, queer, Christian man crossing lines of identity, affinity and ideology. The songs are originals by Mr. Adams, arranged by Mr. Lopez.The LA Times called its sold-out world premiere production in Los Angeles “inspiring” and LA Weekly said, “It’s beautiful.”

Yale Affiliations
Giovanni Adams, Yale SY ’05
Becca Wolff, YSD ’09
Rachel Myers, YSD ’07
Melissa Trn, YSD ’08

Date: Sunday, November 19th
Time: Show at 7pm, Talk & Reception at 8:15pm
Location: Z Space, Z Below, 470 Florida Street in the Mission District, SF