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Health Forums provide YANA members with the means to explore the social good implications of the changing healthcare delivery system.   

Acknowledging that the healthcare ecosystem is comprised of both for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises, the YANA Health Forum will be mindful of the need to reflect the concerns of the not-for-profit world.  Particular attention will be paid to leverage YANA members’ expertise in areas such as education, the arts, sports, housing, legal assistance and food security, given the interdependency between health status and access to such social support systems.  

Preference will be given to topics that lend themselves to “collective impact” approaches by creating a shared vision for positive social change.

The Health Services Forum functions at the Chapter level, allowing each Chapter to determine whether they want to create a Health Services Forum, and if so, how it will operate.   

Submitting Heath Forum Topics

Any YANA Supporting Member can submit a topic, but in so doing, also commits to assisting in the planning for that topic, including identifying and recruiting knowledgeable speakers. Preference will be given to topics that lend themselves to “collective impact” approaches by creating a shared vision for positive social change.

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Age-Friendly Health Systems:  How Do We Get There?

The Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai Health System, Thursday, May 4 at 5PM

YANA members were invited by Dr. Norma Padron (Associate Director at the Main Line Health Center for Population Health Research at the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, and Assistant Professor at Thomas Jefferson University College of Population Health) to attend her Health Politics and Policy graduate student class on May 4th.  

They heard about The John A. Hartford Foundation  “change” initiative underway that supports bedside innovations directed at re-envisioning the in-hospital care provided to older adults.  Dr. Terry  Fulmer, RN, FAAN,  President of the Foundation and author of the Health Affairs blog on the subject of an Age-Friendly Health System), outlined the stepwise approach being taken to build change into everyday clinical practice and protocols.  YANA member Peg Graham, who shared her experiences as a family caregiver, underscored the societal implications of the hospital practice changes described by Terry, providing data on the scale and scope of the caregiver gap (the difference between the number of older adults who want to age in their own homes and the number of family caregivers available to assist them).  Dr. Rosanne Leipzig (a renowned Geriatric authority on aging and dementia) shared insights into the challenges confronting geriatricians who are practicing in a health system that often fails to appreciate the unique needs of older adults.

YANA member, Dr Norma Padron (YSPH PhD, Health Economics, ’14) addresses the Health Forum speakers, Dr. Rosanne Leipzig, Dr. Terry Fulmer, RN, FAAN, and YANA member Peg Graham (YSPH, ’99)