Fighting Inequality: Four Yale Nonprofits

We spotlight the work of four
high-impact nonprofits led by Yale alums
YANA Town Hall
Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Joe English ‘17: Founder & ED, Hope in a Box, which recognizes the prominent roles that LGBTQ people have played throughout history and across cultures. Joe and his team work with educators to fight against LGBTQ discrimination by cultivating inclusive environments and weaving queer history and literature into the classroom.

Andrea McChristian ‘08: Law & Policy Director, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, which focuses on providing residents of NJ’s urban communities with opportunities for meaningful employment, promoting more humane alternatives to incarceration for youth, and reshaping the state’s criminal justice system to assure equal access to justice.

Felipe Aragão Pires ‘20: Co-Founder, Generation Do It, an organization started by Yale students in response to the pandemic. Their goal is to connect college students whose summer plans were canceled with remote internships and work opportunities. The platform has attracted hundreds of students, 75% of whom are seeking nonprofit work.

Jane Veron ‘86, Co-Founder & CEO, The Acceleration Project (TAP), a nonprofit consulting firm that provides high caliber business advice at affordable rates to underserved small businesses across the nation, with a focus on minority and women-owned enterprises.