Fighting Inequality by Democratizing Access

Please join us as we spotlight the impact of Yale alumni leaders Neal Keny-Guyer and Mick Hirsch in fighting inequality, extreme poverty, and social injustice overseas.  
We also feature an Election Special with Tiffany Gardner, CEO of ReflectUS, a national coalition advancing the number of women serving in public office across America
Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020
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Neal Keny-Guyer ’82 SOM served as the CEO of Mercy Corps for 25 years before stepping down in 2019. Under his leadership, Mercy became one of the largest relief and development NGO’s in the world, focusing on alleviating poverty, suffering, and oppression among the world’s most vulnerable populations. Featuring Neal and YANA Executive Director, Rachel Littman ’91, in conversation.
Mick Hirsch ’03 M.Div. is the President & Executive Director of THRIVEGulu, a trauma recovery organization operating in Northern Uganda that helps people heal from the devastating impact of war, sexual exploitation, and extreme poverty. His multiple roles include serving as a psychiatric chaplain and specialist in refugee settlement.
With our national election less than a week away, we’ve invited Tiffany Gardner ’98, the newly appointed CEO of ReflectUS, a nonpartisan, nonprofit coalition of the nation’s leading women’s representation organizations. The mission of ReflectUS is to increase the number of women elected at the local, state and federal levels.